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EPOS ERIC | the European Plate Observing System

EPOS ERIC | the European Plate Observing System

Via di Vigna Murata, 605



Tel. +39 06 518601

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EPOS, the European Plate Observing System, is a multidisciplinary, distributed research infrastructure that facilitates the integrated use of data, data products, and facilities from the solid Earth science community in Europe. EPOS brings together Earth scientists, national research infrastructures, ICT (Information & Communication Technology) experts, decision makers, and public to develop new concepts and tools for accurate, durable, and sustainable answers to societal questions concerning geo-hazards and those geodynamic phenomena (including geo-resources) relevant to the environment and human welfare.

The EPOS DATA PORTAL provides the core of the EPOS e-infrastructure ensuring interoperability between the data and services provided by the Thematic Core Services and the National Research Infrastructures (NRIs). The Data Portal architecture has been designed to provide the tools to facilitate the discovery of Data, Data products, Software and Services (DDSS) and the integration of these resources to fulfil users requests across the EPOS community.


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